August 31st, 2020

Hi folks


We are planning to open the NSRC back to its normal opening hours this coming Wednesday 2nd & Saturday 5th of September, 10am - 2pm.

Due to the Alert level 2 restrictions, there will be some minor changes to enter the premises:

1) We are endeavouring to get a QR code to scan otherwise we will have a paper copy for contact tracing.

2) We are encouraging masks but this is not mandatory.

3) We will have sanitiser available to use

4) We are asking customers to still bring cash or use internet banking. We are also asking you to pack your own items into boxes or a bag.

5) We are only allowing 4 customers in the building, excluding the volunteers.

6) We are still taking items but are limited with space so please check our lists to make sure we are accepting the items you are bringing.

Please take care and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.


It's 2020 already and we have been getting heaps of donations in. The shelves are packed and our store room is bursting at the seams with resources so we've got a great feeling about this year. We'd like to thank all the wonderful people that donate goods to us but also to our loyal customer base - you keep us going, thank you!



  • What's new at the resource centre


  •  We are out of vinyl records would love some more


  • We have a workshop room and have run 6 workshops with more planned .


  • We have a large amount of vertical blind material


  • We have been donated a wide range of curtain/upholstery material.


  • We have a number of hot water bottles that failed the NZ standard, but make excellent plant pots amongst other things.

  • We have a limited number of prepaid envelopes which we can provide in bundles of 20 for $7, which is half price. This offer is strictly for non profit organisations.


  • One of our volunteers runs Make Like a Tree.  Make Like a Tree nurtures intuitive sustainable creativity for children. We offer children's art classes, workshops, one on one creativity sessions, parties and online resources for children to explore and unfold their individual creativity.


Instructions for making bowls like that displayed on the left, made from vinyl records of which we have plenty currently


1) Turn on oven, bake 100.C Wait for oven to reach the right temperature.

2) Find a bowl (any oven proof one will do, I used a silver baking bowl, you will get different effects using different sized bowls). Turn the bowl upside down in the oven and put the record directly centred on top of the bowl.

3) Leave in the oven for about 5 minutes, this may vary and you may need to add a couple more minutes.

4) Use tongs and/or oven mitts and take record and bowl out, put on bench. You must work very quickly, when the records cool they go back to being hard straight away.

5) Turn the bowl up the right way and put the softened record inside the bowl. Making sure that it is still centred.

6) Put the bowl (with record inside) back into the oven and bake again for another 5 or so minutes.

It will start to buckle in and give the curved effect as in the pictures.

7) Once you are happy with your look, remove from oven, using the mitts you can mould the record to your desired shape, leave to cool. And you have a cool record bowl!

What’s coming to the Centre
  • We have moved to 44 Mahara Avenue, Birkenhead and are now operating normally.

  • Craft classes for children, parents and teachers can be arranged but we need at least six attendees.

  • We are using our new workshop room for tuition.

  • We will also have a binding machine, laminator and electric sewing machine customers can use whilst we are open.




We no longer have newsletters as the Facebook page has superseded these.

This fantastic piece of artwork was done by one of our volunteers, Nikolina Ivanovic.

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